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We are a collaborative of award-winning artists.

 Each with their own industry experience and expertise, coming together to create new, exciting, and innovative learning content. With a mandate for out-of-the-box-thinking, collectively the artists create custom content that engages, educates, and elevates the learning.

experts behind the education

Talented, Diverse, Educated & Fun

  • Russell Westcott
    Russell Westcott Director of Operations & Partner

    As our director of Operations, Russ guides our company with a sure hand as his decisions are informed by 30+ years of experience as a business owner, teacher and in marketing. Russ brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in EMS, Law enforcement, and in mechanical systems and design. Russ also serves his community by participating and leading several economic development committees as a board member and had a turn as president. Russ holds an Associates degree in Law enforcement and in HVAC-R

  • Julie Westcott
    Julie Westcott Instructional Design & Partner

    Julie, a founding partner in JB Westcott, is also a top billboard country music artist who has hit the billboard indy charts at #1, #4 and #6 and was voted rising star by country music D.J.s Nationwide. Aside from that impressive background, Julie is also a talented designer and animator. She is the creator of our famous Ms. Trench but she continues to invent new characters and loves what she does. Julie provides the Zen environment for the business bringing a healing hand from years of practicing Milieu therapy as a senior therapist. Julie holds B.S. Natural Health, B.A. Psychology and M.S. instructional design degrees.

  • Michelle Haynes
    Michelle Haynes Instructional Design & Partner

    Michelle, a US Army veteran, was asked to come on board early in the development of the company as she has an incredible talent for writing educational materials that contain no fluff but also for her excellent attention to detail. Nothing goes to the customer before Michelle reviews it to ensure perfect unity. Michelle brings 30 + years of experience as an instructional designer in the corporate, military and university settings. Michelle holds a B.S in Psychology and an M.S. in Human Resource Management.

  • Eric Shoonmaker
    Eric Shoonmaker Instructional Design & Multimedia

    Eric is an audio engineer and music producer, specializing in broadcast media and audio cleanup and repair. He is equally comfortable creating audio and visuals or presenting in front of the camera. Eric joins us with years of wide government experience as a US Navy veteran and Senior Telecommunications Specialist with the Washington State Patrol, working on mission-critical public safety communications infrastructure. He holds a BS in Music Production and has a certificate in Instructional Design.

  • Tameka J. Harris
    Tameka J. Harris Creative Learning Designer

    Carrying over 12 years of experience in television, video, new media and web communications, Tameka is an experienced Producer of digital media content for closed-circuit television stations, individuals, small businesses, and small international companies. Tameka holds a B.S in Communications & Media Management, Bowie State University, 2005, an M.S. in Entertainment Business, Full Sail University, 2012 and an M.S. in Instructional Design & Technology, Full Sail University, 2017.

  • Lucas Deichl
    Lucas Deichl Instructional Design

    Lucas holds a BA in Film and Video and an M.S in Instructional Design. Currently an Instructional Designer for MakerBot Industries, Lucas relishes the opportunity his position offers him to combine his passion for film production with his love for education. From scripting to editing and animation, Lucas can do it all. His early days working as a Lead Creative for Apple Inc. helped lay the foundation for both a strong technical skillset and stellar customer service.

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